Relax and drift away… before you know it, your dental procedure is done! Waldron Dental Clinic uses advanced dental sedation procedures for those who have a fear or phobia about any dental treatments or require teeth removed, such as wisdom teeth.

Using the latest and safest techniques in dental sedation, we can carry out general, reconstructive, extractions and cosmetic dentistry for patients.

If you have neglected your dental health because of deeply entrenched fears about dental treatment, dental sedation or sleep dentistry could be the answer you have been looking for.

Now you can have dental sedation here at Waldron Dental Clinic while you sit and relax in our chair accompanied by our highly trained and friendly team.

Our aim of sedation is to provide a calm and relaxed environment to allow you to feel comfortable at the dentist. However, we focus on providing this treatment in the hope that you will be able to build the confidence to attend and be treated without this in the future!

How It Works

Dental sedation is the use of supervised IV Sedation or Oral sedation and does not require hospitalisation or a general anaesthetic. Although it is commonly known as sleep dentistry you are actually in a highly relaxed state and not fully asleep. IV sedation uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs, administered and supervised by Dr Sundeep Patel, our experienced sedationist. We will constantly adjust and maintain your sedation by monitoring your pulse, blood pressure, breathing, ventilation, oxygen saturation while you dream away!

Sedation dentistry is used to create a drowsy and dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure. During sedation dentistry you are in a very calm and relaxed state and breathing entirely on your own, without assistance or artificial ventilation.

Risks and Benefits

  • Escort needed.
  • Do not operate machinery