Full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restoration is a comprehensive form of dental treatment which could combine all dental specialties to reconstruct and restore all the damaged teeth in both upper and lower jaws. Our expert restorative dentist, Dr Sundeep Patel or a member of his team can see you for a £150 consultation where he will address all your concerns at length, examine your occlusion and articulatory system and take appropriate radiographs, clinical photographs and study models to enable a diagnosis.

After this session, you will receive a report of his findings with a range of treatment options. If the treatment plan is complex, and it is not possible at the consultation, you will be invited to a complimentary second consultation where your dentist will further discuss your report and any questions you have. Sundeep often endeavours to show you in what way your smile can change by adapting your photographs or placing mock up restorations in your mouth for you to “test drive before you buy,” as he says.

A treatment plan will then be created that will address your concerns using the latest technologies available in advanced specialized dentistry that will enable you to look and feel great and allow you to eat comfortably.