What will your first visit be like?

Today, dentists are able to provide a variety of various ways to meet your needs…minimally invasive and reconstructive dentistry through adhesion, veneers and crowns, white fillings, whitening, implants, clear orthodontics, facial rejuvenation and many more after discussing a variety of option you choose! For that reason, your first check-up will begin with a comprehensive exam and diagnosis where you can tell the team if there is anything specific you wish to achieve regarding your teeth/face.

If there is some immediate concern, urgency, or a strictly cosmetic consultation for which you have booked specifically, this will be our priority, which may need to be addressed first. Before you and your Dentist can determine what is possible for long-term stability with regard to comfort, function, health and aesthetics, your current condition is assessed. Your comprehensive exam is a baseline for future comparisons and is the basis for a lifetime master plan for oral health. Short-term, long-term, expensive and more basic options can be given to you, from which we can help you make the chose you want!

Initial Evaluation

The following will be done during your initial evaluation:
  • Review your medical and dental history
  • Clarifying your concerns, wants and expectations and/or problems
  • Oral cancer examination
  • Tooth examination to check for decay, cracks, wear etc. Photographs to evaluate esthetics and condition of teeth and gums (diagnosis) may be taken.
  • X-rays as needed
  • Measuring all gum crevices to check for hidden gum disease
  • Condition (quality, quantity and recession level) of gum tissue
  • Measurement of mobility or looseness, another sign of problems
  • Are fillings or crowns causing gum irritation?
  • Temporomandibular joint and muscle of mastication examination
  • Range of motion tests to check jaw movements

Post Examination

After your examination:
  • Review all findings
  • Discuss your treatment recommendations and sequence
  • Discuss all fees and give you a clear estimate
  • Finance plans can be discussed by any member of our team verbally or via email
  • Answer all questions to your satisfaction and understanding

Further Evaluation

If your condition warrants further evaluation the following will also be done:
  • Diagnostic study casts (models of your mouth) if needed
  • Measurement to customise models for jaw simulator using a facebow
  • Measurement for how teeth bite together
  • Evaluate and study all the above information
  • Consult with any specialists, if indicated
  • Make a specific diagnosis for your current condition
  • Design a blueprint for your care with the diagnostic casts
  • A simple impression can make a diagnostic wax-up can be made to show you how we can change your smile before doing any additional work
  • Develop an individualised long-term treatment program and sequence