If you have lost all or some of your teeth and need effective replacement with either full or partial dentures, Waldron Dental Clinic can provide you with superior quality dentures that look as natural and life like as possible. There is never any compromise, accurate measurements are taken to ensure a superior fit and level of comfort. Although there are several methods to replace missing teeth, some methods such as individual dental implants or bridges may not be suitable in all circumstances or be your desired choice of treatment.

At Waldron Dental Clinic we will clearly advise you about every option to replace your missing teeth, your suitability, the pros and cons and the fees involved. You can make whichever informed decision you wish.

We often ask you to bring in previous pictures of your teeth, or teeth you would like to copy so we can provide you with a personalised smile of your choice! Our technicians work less than 5 minutes away and can provide you with a prototype denture of a shade and shape you are happy and you can adjust before you purchase the definitive denture.

How It Works

Partial dentures are supported by the remaining teeth and gums and can replace either a single tooth or multiple teeth. They are made with either a high quality acrylic base or a thin, yet extremely durable metal base called cobalt chrome. Usually partial dentures have metal clasps that fit around selected teeth to help keep the denture in position. We strive to keep the metal clasps out of view. Alternatively, the clasp can be hidden into customised slots placed inside specially designed crowns. The partial dentures we provide are carefully designed to function and blend-in with the look of your remaining natural teeth so that they are comfortable and as life like as possible.

Valplast Partial Dentures

dntur1 Thousands of patients worldwide are wearing Valplast Partial Dentures. In comparison to acrylic partials, Valplast is flexible, lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps.


  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Unbreakable Guaranteed for life against breakage
  • Lightweight
  • No metal clasps only tissue-coloured or clear clasps
  • Teeth and clasps can be added later
  • More stain-resistant than other flexible acrylics
  • Has the perfect degree of flexibility
  • Will not warp or become brittle

You will benefit from the natural tissue blend effect of the thin clasp design and the translucency that picks up the natural tissue tone. Virtually invisible, Valplast Partial Dentures give you the confidence you want in each and every smile. Comfort partial dentures constructed with Valplast can be made very thin, reducing the bulk required for strength in acrylic base materials. The thinness yields more sensation while the flexibility of the material absorbs a portion of the shock of movement.

From the moment you insert your partial through continued wear, you should experience both minimal obstruction and minimal reaction to the stresses normally produced by inflexible dentures. Durability Valplast provides exceptional strength and will not deteriorate or break down when it comes into contact with the fluids, bacteria and physical environment of the mouth.


Implant Retained Dentures

Whether you already wear dentures or are thinking that they may be your final choice, let your Dentist evaluate you to see if implant retained dentures will allow you more freedom with smiling, talking and chewing without any worry of loose denture. For your complimentary consultation and a discussion that will answer all your questions, contact Waldron Dental Clinic today!