Gingival Veneers to Mask Black Triangles

Flexible gingival veneers can serve as a quick cosmetic alternative in patients with impaired gingival aesthetics. The removable gingival veneer is a good treatment option in advanced tissue loss, giving aesthetic result that is quick and cheap. The exposed root can be covered and can avoid surgery, which might be unpredictable and take long time.

How It Works

Simple! After assessing your gums, we take a quick impression of the front of the teeth that show these ‘black triangles’ caused by gum disease, and recession. In two weeks, we have the exact colour of the rest of your gums and we can fit it that dayâ thats it! We can offer specialist periodontal/hygienist treatment and stain removal to complete the result.

Risks and Benefits The gingival veneers are great when you have triangular gaps between your teeth after recession. Your gums must be clean and stable. Our specialist periodontal and hygiene team can help you achieve this with long term stability.

We want you to be happy with the treatment, so must tell you that it is important that you keep the appliance as well as the teeth clean as otherwise recession may continue and the appliance will not cover the gaps. The appliance can stain if you smoke or have a lot of coloured foods. In which can you may need replace the appliance after a couple of years. Since the treatment is completely reversible you can have spares, or continue to replace the appliance as much as you want.